Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's try this again | Bedford, Ma Family Photographer

Last time we tried a giveaway we were foiled by The Great Facebook Algorithm.  It went something like this:  If you post a link, your post doesn't go out to all your followers... but Facebook will then annoy you endlessly about spending $20, $50, $100 + on forcing it onto your followers news feeds.  Not cool.  So last time I posted a link, all of 30 people got it on their news feed.  As opposed to the 700-800 views I usually get on my fun-but-not-as-important posts that don't include links.  {yes, I can see who does and doesn't view my posts, who likes and unlikes my pages, who's talking about me and so on... the magic of Facebook business pages!}

So what are we going to do about it?  We're going to try again.  Except this time we're giving away a spot in my dSLR 101 class at the Bedford Rec Center!

Details about the class: My class is about setting up a useful, reliable foundation upon which to build your photography skills. I will be teaching you basic techniques that you can then mold to your liking. The class will be packed full of valuable, useful information that you can use every time you shoot; information that will still be relevant to your hobby years from now! We'll also be going over all of the important buttons and menu settings! It will change your life, I promise!  The class is open to people 16 and older, and meets every Wednesday for 4 weeks, 5/1-5/22, 7-8pm at Bedford Rec Center (the yellow building by the town hall/police department).

I have quite the basis for comparison, too.  My husband took the local Community College's Photography 101 class last year, so I can safely say my class is MUCH more affordable and 1,000 times more useful.  I've taken countless online and in-person classes, and I've compiled only the most useful information for use in my class.  Stuff that you don't learn elsewhere.  Stuff I've learned by making the mistakes 1,000 times in a row.  Stuff the other classes taught me, but failed to mention how to fix if I don't get the same results they did.  This doesn't mean you wont make the mistakes too (how else would you learn?), this just means I will teach you how to FIX those mistakes, so you aren't banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why your images don't look as good as you want them!

For every comment on Facebook you will get 1 entry.  For every "share" you will get 3 entries.  For everyone that posts "*your name* sent me!" you will get 1 and they will get one entry.  Simple as that.  
All referrals will be checked.  If the person that says "*your name* sent me!" turns out to be a blank profile that was just created for games/contests, you'll both be DQed.  It should be obvious, but unfortunately, it's not: NO CHEATING!

Winner will be picked Friday the 26th at 9pm 

If you want to check out the class, register for it, or see what else Bedford has to offer this Spring/Summer, Click Here.  You can either scroll until you get to "Photography" to find my class, or put in activity number 18.317 and hit "go" like this: 
Any questions?  Leave a comment! 

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