Friday, December 7, 2012

Tap tap tap... Is this thing on? | Bedford, Ma Photographer

Is anyone there?  Can you hear me?  Is this thing on?  :-)

My hiatus is quickly coming to an end!  Little L, the baby I took the year off to give birth to, is almost 8 months old now!  Boy, time flies, doesn't it?

So, where is Rare Photography?  We are undergoing a few changes...

1.  We are updating our website!  We have been redesigning it to be more user friendly and more informative.  That is why when you try to visit you will see "Under Construction, come back soon!"  Soon is January 1st or 2nd.  The new site *should* be debuting on the 1st, but I think my site host is closed on the holiday, so we may have to wait until the 2nd.

2.  Our session fees are changing.  But our product prices will stay the same! We are changing prices of things to reflect the changed amount of work and skill put into them.  Everything that is the same as last year will stay the same price as last year!

3.  We are going to be hosting a giveaway on our Facebook page!  Check out in the near future to see what, when, and how we'll be doing the giveaway!

I'm so glad to be back!  I haven't completely abandoned my camera in my off time, though, so I'll be posting the images I've been taking soon!

~ Alana

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