Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photography Workshop Update | Burlington, Ma Photographer

We have a date and time for the workshop!  "The Basics of Being a Mamarazzi" will be taught in Burlington on Fridays at 7:30pm from June 17th- July 8th.  Here's a recap of a few of the subjects we'll be touching on:

Learning your camera
The exposure triangle
Custom white balance and your camera's WB settings
Choosing the appropriate camera settings for the subject you're photographing
A few basic composition rules
Techniques for getting kids to do what you want
Basic poses for kids
Simple Photoshop to complete your image

These are all skills that will be taught at the beginner level, for the purpose of getting better pictures of your own children.  This is not a workshop for those wishing to start a business within the next few years. 

~ You must have access to a dSLR camera for all 4 weeks of class.
~ You must have the manual for your dSLR.  Most cameras have downloadable manuals from the manufacturer's website.   
**Important** YOU MUST READ THE ENTIRE MANUAL at least once prior to coming to class!!   COVER TO COVER!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!!
You may not understand most of it, but there are important functions specific to your camera that you will need to know about.  I do not have every camera's button menus memorized!  You don't need to memorize everything, but you do need to familiarize yourself with as many of your camera's functions as you can!

A few important points:
~ There are no makeup classes, and there are no refunds/discounts for missing any classes.  Please make it a priority to be at every class.  You are more than welcome to ask if anyone wishes to share their notes if you do miss one.  It is your own responsibility to catch up, not that of your peers nor the teacher.
~ This class is only to cover the basics.  If questions arise that at a more advanced level, I may not wish to answer them so that our beginner students will not be overwhelmed and to conserve time.  Each class will have a Q&A time.  Please come to class with questions ready (even the first class!)
~ I blabber.  A lot!  ;-)

How to sign up:
1.  Send your payment via paypal by clicking here:

You do not need to have or sign up for a Paypal account.  Paypal takes all major credit cards, and direct debits from your bank account.  I do not take checks.  If you already have a Paypal account, please make sure it is under your name, or if it's not, put your name in the memo section.  Otherwise your husband's name will be on my roll sheet and I'll get really confused when you show up instead.  Roll will be finalized on June 9th, so be sure you're signed up and paid in full before then!

2.  After your payment clears I will email you the details.

3.  What to bring:  a notebook and pens or a laptop (for taking notes), your camera and manual, and any questions with examples (if your question has to do with a specific shot). 

4.  Optional:  Bring a snack to share!  Who doesn't love snacks to munch on while learning?  I'll be bringing stuff too :-)

If you have any questions please email me at alana @ (remove the spaces around the @ symbol)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!!

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