Sunday, April 10, 2011

Invest In Your Memories | Tewksbury Family Photography

I know there are about a bazillion and ten articles about what you're paying for when it comes to professional photography.  In fact, I've written one.  It really does need to be said nowadays, when you have places that lure you into their department store by dangling cheap fauxtography in front of you.  But even when you explain to people why it's necessary to charge what you do, you still get those few that just. don't. get it. because they don't see the value in it.  I'm going to tell you why it's worth those extra pennies to hire a professional.

I completely understand that custom photography isn't everyone's cup of tea.  If you tried to explain to me the value and workmanship of a $2,000,000 car, I'd be the first one to say, "well, my mini-van gets me from point A to point B just as fast as that Bugati does without breaking the law, doesn't it?"  If you're just looking for something that accomplishes almost the same task as a custom photographer, there are many wonderful and easy point and shoot cameras out there.  But let me ask you this...

When you think about the absolute perfect steak, do you think about going to Chilis for whatever cut of beef is on sale?  Or do you think of mouthwatering Kobe beef?  They're both steak, right?

When you think about the absolute perfect wedding dress, do you think about browsing the thrift store racks?  Or do you think of Kleinfeld Bridal?  A dress is a dress, isn't it?

You could easily cut your own hair at home, so why hire a stylist?  For the skill, personal attention and ease, right?

When you think about preserving the memories of your family, your precious babies, do you want a minimum-wage teenager with no photography experience rushing you through 30 minutes of awkward, uncomfortable poses?  Or do you want a relaxing, personal experience you'd be proud to hang on your walls for generations to come?

Our tummies can do without delicious steak because we'll have many more meals in the future to look forward to.  We can justify purchasing less than top of the line couture for our wedding because we'll only wear the dress once.  We can even cut our own hair once in a while because it will always grow out.  But we cannot go back in time and re-live memories of our babies at certain ages.  We cannot press rewind and make our families young again.  We cannot press pause in life, so why not have a professional press pause for you?  It may cost more to hire a professional, but when you have someone who can preserve your precious children just as they are, it is worth it.  You can take these paused moments in time and hang them on the wall as if you froze a memory and framed it.  When you purchase quality materials such as those provided by professional photographers, your frozen memories last more than just your lifetime.  They can be handed down through many generations, so that your children and their children may find the same joy you once shared. 

Your own memories may fade, stories may change throughout generations, but photographs will always stay the same.  Invest in your memories.  They're worth it.