Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iThink Pink... | Boston Family Photography

Ready for your chance to win a brand new pink 2 GB ipod shuffle?
 All you have to do is tell me what you think!  Leave a review for my photography on any review site (google.com, yelp.com, etc) and leave a comment on this post stating your name and where you left the review and that's it!  Random.org will choose our winner on Monday January 31 at 9pm.

A few rules...
1.  Your chances of winning are NOT contingent upon the review you leave.  Please be honest.
2.  Reviews must be coherent and actually review the photography.
3.  One review per person per site.  Spamming is not very nice :(
4.  You don't have to be a past client, but you do have to be honest in your review.  If you're not a past client, please don't suggest otherwise.
5.  You must follow the TOS of each site. 

Ready?  Set?  GO!