Monday, November 1, 2010

Say Cheese! Win $75 in gift certificates! | Boston Family Photography

Rare Photography and The Melting Pot Bedford/Burlington are giving away gift certificates to our loyal fans!  One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift certificate toward The Melting Pot Bedford/Burlington AND a $50 gift certificate toward a photo session with Rare Photography!

I don't know if you all know this, but The Melting Pot fondue is AWESOME!!!  It is so heavenly, I can't even begin to describe!  My husband and I went there for our very first date since we had kids 3 years ago (two kids under two will do that to you).  We had a private booth (it has 3 walls for ultimate privacy) and a super helpful and polite waiter named Alex.  We had the Big Night Out (4 courses of pure YUMMINESS) and let me tell you, I could barely walk after eating all of it!  I could. not. stop. eating.
An iphone pic of our date... course #3.  That's my hand fishing a delicious red potato out of the broth

Anyways, The Melting Pot is hosting a Girls Night Out on November 15th and yours truly will be there!  The Girls Night Out has salads, fondues, drinks, and of course CHOCOLATE!  It starts at $25 per person, so it's an awesome, affordable way to get the mommy break you deserve!  I will have a display table with another giveaway at the November 15th Girls Night Out.  Come say hi and enter to win!
 Ladies enjoying the Girls Night out

The Giveaway- Say Cheese!

To win the $75 in gift certificates you must enter the contest any time between November 1st and November 14th.

You can enter the "Say Cheese" contest up to FIVE times, here's how...

Entry 1.  Twitter

Tweet this phrase:

Win $75 in gift certificates toward The Melting Pot & Rare Photography! Find out more at by clicking BLOG

Entry 2.  Facebook

Post this as your status for 1 hour:

Win $75 in gift certificates toward The Melting pot & Rare Photography! Find out more at by clicking BLOG

Entry 3. Follow on Twitter

Follow @rarephotography AND The Melting Pot on twitter  (click the links to go there)

Entry 4.  Follow on Facebook

4. follow @rarephotography AND @MeltingPotBedford on facebook

Entry 5.  Follow the blog

5. follow Rare Photography's Blog

The last step:  COMMENT on this blog post your name and which of these things you did!  A quick, easy "John Doe, #1, 4 and 5"  will do, but feel free to leave a comment too if you want!  I will personally be checking EACH and EVERY entry, so if you are dishonest for any one of them, all of your entries will be disqualified.  If you are already a fan of/following Rare Photography and The Melting Pot, you can count that as an entry, but you still have to list it in your comment so I can check!

If you have any questions, please email me at alana@ (remove the space after the @ symbol)

The winner will be posted here on November 15th, so be sure to check back!!!

Thank you all for your support!


  1. Thanks for the fun contest! I hope I will be the winner!! I did all 5!!! I need the night out, with 3 kids - it doesn't happen. And I especially would LOVE the gift certificate to the photo session. I love the work you do, its beautiful!! Thanks again for the contest!

  2. Very cool! Thanks! Melinda LaConte - I did #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5!!

  3. Just realized that it did not post as my FB status, but as sharing a link, so take away #2 for me, please. Don't want to be dq'd! :-)

  4. I forgot to post my name!

    Andrea Solomon and I did all 5!

  5. Maggie Helming. Did 2, 4, and 5 (was already a FB fan for both, don't have twitter!). Awesome contest. :)

  6. Tiffany Goon- 2,4,5 :)

  7. Jessie O'Leary tweeted!!/giesela99/status/2032931853828096

  8. I also had two kids back to back, and could use a night out, presently looking for work. A night out is a rare event. I did all the above requested, FB, Twitter, Blog Follow, etc. Best of luck with your business, your work is great.

  9. Megan Medur, I did all 5. My husband is coming back from afghanistan this month and melting pot is his favorite restaurant. Great idea for a contest!

  10. I did all but Twitter. I liked both on facebook, I'm a blog follower and My status has the contest link! Thanks! Karen

  11. Jennifer Bolanos did Entry 2