Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Lambert Lads | Wilmington, Ma family photographer

I had the pleasure of shooting the Lambert extended family a few Saturdays ago.  It was a special shoot for me because of a few things.  First, mom N, is a great friend of mine, second, her boys have an autism spectrum disorder known as PDD-NOS.  What this meant to me as a photographer was that it was going to be a challenge to get both boys to focus on the task at hand, sit still and look into the camera while smiling, especially during group shots.  What this meant to me as a mother was that mom N was overworked, under-appreciated and probably very nervous about how her boys were going to behave, even more so than the average mom.  She deserved 120% of what I could give.  I pulled out all of the stops and everything I had in my bag of momtographer tricks.  The end result?  A TERRIFIC shoot!  The boys were great, the day was beautiful, grandma and grandpa were visiting from out of town, it was a great day!  Here's a few sneak peeks of the shoot...

That troublemaker look every mother knows

Thinking about more than we could ever understand


Big hugs for mama

To read more about PDD-NOS please visit Autism Speaks.  Click on "Get Involved" to learn what you can do to help. 

There's some big news coming, so stay tuned here and on the site!


  1. Alana, these are so beautiful!!! You got great eye contact and very genuine emotions in these photos. I'm really, really proud of you!!! Having a 9-year old daughter with PDD-NOS myself (and being a card-carrying member of the mamarazzi!), I know how difficult it can be to get even one good photo. GREAT job!!! I bet Mom N is going to be thrilled. What cute boys too!!!

  2. Beautiful shots.

    As a mother of a child with PDD I know the everyday struggles and getting the great shots you did is a small feat.

    Beautiful family.

  3. Awesome. The mother will love them!