Monday, July 26, 2010

Why choose Rare Photography?

In a world where we always have a cheaper option, and an economy that is pushing you toward it, the question arises, "Why go to a custom photographer for family portraits?  I can just as easily go to [Mall Studio Chain] and pay 1/2 the price!" 

[Mall Studio Chain] does offer enticing deals and incentives, it's true.  What they don't offer is the personal service Rare Photography does.  Rare Photography gives you 60-90 minutes of unlimited poses, unlimited wardrobe changes and unlimited settings.  Unlike [Mall Studio Chain], I don't limit you to 13-20 poses.  I don't limit your backgrounds to white or kitschy-graphic printed vinyl.  I don't cram you into a 30 minute time slot, whether your baby cries or not.  I work on your time, with your ideas, and your natural family interaction.

Think about your favorite photo of your family.  Chances are there are heartwarming smiles, and wonderful memories in it!  A photo is more than what you see!  It is also a wonderful, loving memory of a moment in time, captured in a print, and placed on your wall as a perfect reminder.  This is what I offer you that [Mall Studio Chain] cannot: capturing beautiful moments for your family.  When I've been to [Mall Studio Chain] in the past (and I have, before I dove into photography as a profession) it was a stressful, frazzled experience, reminiscent of chasing an uncooperative toddler around and hurrying us through a set of boring, stiff poses.  And guess what I'm reminded of every time I look at those photos?  Not a fun time, and not a great memory.  Not to mention the imperfections they didn't know how to fix!  Drool, blue skin tones, frizzy hair, that extra 10lbs of baby weight!  (Just kidding on that last one, Photoshop isn't magic, no matter how much I wish it to be!)  Hardly worth my precious time and money. 

I know how hard you've worked to get your kids dressed, fed, happy, then dressed all over again (since toddlers tend to stain, drool on, spit up on or get out of outfits before you even get out the door!).  I have 2 toddlers of my own, so I can truly appreciate every hurdle you jump just to get to the shoot on time!  I can appreciate the hard hours worked, away from your family and the comfort of your home, to pay for the luxury of personal portraits.  I understand the prodigious feat it is to keep kids and husbands happy, makeup expertly applied and still manage not to miss a step in your 4 inch heels.  You deserve a personal photographer that caters to your family.

Rare Photography offers you a relaxing, easygoing photo shoot, where we can create beautiful, timeless art to adorn your walls, your Holiday greetings or your coffee table.  After all you do, all you juggle in a day, you owe it to yourself to choose a custom photographer that will give you portraits you'll love to see on your wall day after day, not mediocre photos you'll be forced to accept. 

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